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You've Dated Your Way...Time To Try Something Different, Right?

My name is Angela Wadley. I am a Dating Mentor, Board Certified Hypnotist/ NLP/EFT/Time Techniques Practitioner & Success Coach, Certified Life/Transformational/Positive Psychology/Solution-Focused Coach, Reiki Master, Podcaster and Award-Winning Author. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, I was once JUST LIKE YOU! I was out there trying to find the love of my life, and was going about it in ALL the wrong ways, but didn’t know it! I was successful at work, a great daughter (really, my Mom told me that :)),  a loyal and trusted friend, but none of that helped when it came to attracting my guy.

I read all the popular dating books, followed rules, studied magazine articles, etc. I wasted so much time on guys who were not truly what I wanted and relationships that went nowhere. I settled. I was frustrated knowing I would never get that time back and on top of that, I was getting older. I did not want to be alone anymore. As strong women, sometimes society tries to make us feel bad for admitting things like that, but it was true. It was hard pretending romantic commercials and songs during the holidays didn’t bother me. It was depressing showing up to holiday parties alone and feeling that twinge in the pit of my stomach when I realized I was the only person there alone, but smiling anyway. All of that sucked! Something had to give! I had to figure out a new way of dating, because I knew in my gut my person was out there and it shouldn’t be THIS hard!

I stopped all my efforts to find someone. Stopped everything! I could either keep going the way I was or get to the root of things and figure out a better way.  I sat down and really did some internal “spring cleaning” and then realized  that I had been going about things the wrong way. I had been dating “blindly”. Once I changed my “tactic” and set about attracting the man I wanted…I ended up having my LAST first date ever and we are now happily married! I don’t think back often, but when I do, I cannot believe I wasted so much time. I’ve worked with lots of  men and women over years with great results and decided since I once WAS you… ambitious and single, able to figure out almost everything else in my life, BUT dating…that I would make it my mission to try to help you avoid wasting so much time, the way I did… and finally find the relationship of your dreams. It is an amazing feeling being loved for who I am, appreciated and supported… and I want that for you too! No matter what you’ve heard or experienced, it is possible to find success in love and life! With my tools (skills), I am excited to help you with both. 

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